Billings how to make a homemade sex toy for boys

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Billings how to make a homemade sex toy for boys

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п»їBreast cancer: How to get ahead of the diagnosis? |
Breast cancer: How to get ahead of the diagnosis? Early detection is essential to win the battle against one of the most frequent female tumors, with an average of 40 diagnoses per day in our country. A battle that may have found a powerful new ally, a genetic test that can anticipate the first symptoms of breast cancer for more than a decade. A finding that can be a great step in the prevention and treatment of this disease that, detected in time, has many healing possibilities.
Self-examination of the breasts or the performance of a mammogram from the age of 35 are essential for the early detection of breast cancer, one of the most prevalent female tumors. An early diagnosis, in addition to the advances in the treatment of the disease, which may have found a definitive ally to win the battle, since according to the research studies carried out, the last one by the researchers of the Imperial College of London and published in the journal Cancer Research, a genetic test could anticipate the diagnosis and the first symptoms of the tumor several years. A blood test, a DNA study and the clinical and family history open the door to the possibility that medicine will go ahead in time to the appearance of a disease from which, in our country, more than 40 cases are diagnosed up to date.
Specifically, the genetic test would allow to detect if there have been alterations in a certain gene, ATM, which is present in the white blood cells. An alteration that, in certain cases, appears up to ten years before the tumor develops. Detecting, with adequate follow-up, possible changes would allow the diagnosis of breast cancer to be advanced and, therefore, improve preventive treatment. The gene can be affected by a chemical effect called methylation, which can increase the chances of developing the disease because it leaves genes exposed to being affected by other risk factors, including tobacco, alcohol or environmental pollution.
Prevent breast cancer
There are risk factors, such as food, that may predispose some women more than others to breast cancer. Factors, in some cases, that it is in our hands to prevent or avoid. Another important factor is also genetic inheritance, especially in cases where the possibility of following a hormone replacement therapy is considered.
Lifestyle and habits, according to medical data, influence 80% of cases of cancers, and breast tumor is no exception. Thus, a healthy and balanced diet is the basic premise of healthy advice, to which add other habits such as quitting tobacco, not abusing alcohol, avoiding sedentary lifestyle and stress and monitoring our weight, to avoid overweight problems or obesity. In the case of pregnant women or mothers, breastfeeding is also a protective barrier against breast cancer.

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